For Sale By Owner Toolkit. How to sell your home.
By www-romega-house June 27, 2019
Home for sale by owner!

Thinking of selling your home in Rome, GA on your own? it is tougher that you might think, but it can be done.

My For Sale By Owner Toolkit- Simple to the point tips to help you sell your home

If you were thinking about buying a home what attributes would you look for?

This is how to make a great first impression.

Outside the home

#1:  Drive away from your home turn around to drive towards your home the way a potential buyer would. What was your first impressions of your home? Is it comparable to other houses in Rome around the same price range? Prices of Rome GA houses
Was all the shutters painted to match the rest of the trim? How is the landscaping? Is the drive way clean and free of clutter? Does it has cracks, holes or are large chunks missing? Can you easily see your home, or is it blocked by trees and bushes. Notice your roof? Is it in good condition? How about the gutter? Its time to make a list of items that need attention.

#2: Paint your front door and door jamb to make sure it matches the rest of the house. Use up to date colors. Polish handle. Change if needed,

#3: Make sure your doorbell is fully functional, and make sure the light is working on it. If you need to buy a new door bell. A ring video doorbell is a nice addition.

#4: Wash or thoroughly clean wood, aluminum, brick, or vinyl sided homes. You can hire a someone to pressure wash your house for under $200, or buy one for around the same price, but be warned. It is a lot of work. Be careful not to kill plants and shrubbery.

#5: Do a total landscaping job. This means rake leaves if necessary, trim shrubs and trees, cut the lawn, and plant fresh flowers. Put down fresh gravel, or mulch around shrubs, small trees, and flowers, Make the yard look purposeful. Hire a landscaper at least for a one time job. In Rome, GA. it is no more than $250.

#6: Sweep or blow off the walkways, driveways, and porches. Pressure wash if necessary.

#7: Clean the gutters and roof.

#8: Organize the garage, and clean your car,

#9: Change all door knobs and locks if necessary, They should look new and work flawlessly.

#10: Touch-up the paint and plaster on the exterior of the home. Repaint if necessary.

Inside: Comfortable and clean

#11: The entry way sets first impressions. So make sure it’s in great condition with fresh paint and clean floors. Buy a small pretty throw rug if it ads to the look. Add a nice new welcome mat.

12:  Get rid of the clutter The average home has too much furniture, and you are going to need to move anyhow. Arrange furniture to look open and neat. Hire a professional setter when you get pictures made. It is worth the money. Get ideas.

#13: Put away pictures and items that make the home look overly personal to YOU. The buyer needs to feel that this is their home. Put away any other objects that will distract away from the home.

#14: Do maintenance throughout the interior of the house. Oil squeaky doors, tighten doorknobs, replace lights bulbs, clean and repair windows, repair leaking faucets and running toilets, change filters in the a/c.

#15: Wash all window shades and blinds. Replace any blinds that are broken, faded, and discolored. Shades need to be replaced if they do not look or work as new

#16: Make closets and storage areas neat and tidy. Take out excess clothes. De-clutter shoes. Make sure you can see floor. Vacuum every room! Shampoo if needed.

#17: Clean your home thoroughly 1) Freshen furniture 2) Clean washer, dryer inside and out, 3) Clean the furnace filters, 4) Clean the refrigerator and stove. Make them look new 5) Clean and freshen bathroom and kitchen. Use bleach.

#18: Pack up unnecessary items for storage, and put all toys away.

#19: Prepare all beds, bedrooms need to be  neat and clean, and laundry is put away. Clean dresser of any clutter. Clean and wash top of dresser. Close all drawers.

#20: Have a yard sale. Call it a moving sale. Get the word out early and often.

Bathroom and kitchen Need to be fabulous

#21: The Bathrooms – Thoroughly clean the bathroom. Around the toilet, clean the toilet, change lid, Use bleach. Replace shower curtain, clean faucets. Repair tile and grout. Clean everything in here, Smell is everything.

#22: The Kitchen – Clean ovens and cook tops thoroughly. Look at filters in exhaust fans. Pull out appliances and clean behind them. Make sure all appliances are working Empty the water collection tray under the refrigerator. Neatly arrange soaps and sponges. Clean them good or throw them away. Clean and touch up cabinet fronts, replace missing knobs and secure all handles..

How to show your home. The right way.

#23: Turn on ALL lights, and open all blinds and draperies to bring in as much natural light as possible.

#24: Do not have on any TV’s . Turn on soft background music instead. It can enhance a showing.

#25: Plan a pleasant smell. Cookies baking, cinnamon sticks and or plug ins with a light aroma. Nothing strong. It can be offensive

#26: Keep pets out of the home. Smells that you become blind to are pungent to others. Once you clean the home make sure it stays that way.

(Key point to remember) Purchasing a home is EMOTIONAL. Once a decision to buy is made, we usually justify our purchase with logical reasons

I am here to help you if you need me. I have market data, CMA’s, financing connections, and all the ability to get your house noticed fast

Peter Barron- Barron’s Realty

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